Art Direction

Client: WWE
Role: Senior Art Director
Frank Drago - Senior Art Director
Nadine Jones Pantano - Senior Designer
Matt Gilsenan - Senior Designer
Phil imbriano - Designer
Nabila Hasan - Designer
Nicole Wilkinson - Designer
Melchiorre Firetto - Designer
Nicasio Andrade - Designer

With over 1 BILLION social media followers, our Advanced Media Group of designers maintained and designed new-to-world creative for platforms such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitch.

I worked to creative direct and approved all design from inception to completion. This included match preview graphics to promote shows, overall marketing promotions, birthday posts, stat graphics, famous movie poster parodies and much more! Most of the graphics seen below were created in extremly tight deadlines, often same-day or due in a 24-hour turnarounds.

The award-winning design team created world class design loved by billions. With the uniqueness of each WWE character, the flexibility of design was unparalled - each superstar was a brand within themselves and often allowed us to take design in different directions. Each day was fun, different, and the design was exciting!

With over 5 years of creative/art direction under my WWE belt, please enjoy a snapshot of projects I've been involved with. With thousands of graphics created, I wish I could show all of what we did, but the list would be virtually endless.